October e-Newsletter

One of the things that gives me great joy in my work with Springs is when I learn of the many fine things our graduates are doing. One such young man, Carter Low, came to my attention when Hurricane Harvey was in the news. Carter, 19, is a 2016 graduate of our KEYS program. He has begun a two-year mission with his church, sent to minister to the Chinese community living in Houston, Texas, which was devastated by the August hurricane. (Carter took classes to learn Chinese concurrently with the KEYS program.)

Carter and his fellow missionaries took cover when the storm struck, but once it was safe to go outside, immediately went to work helping hurricane victims. His work has included distributing food and clothing to victims and helping with cleanup. He has chronicled his activities online; here, for example, is what he said of the cleanup: “The missionaries help with the following: they remove all furniture, carpets, and all household goods. They then remove the carpet, cut the drywall approximately 1-2 inches above the flood line, remove the insulation, and prepare the home to be restored. It is hot, smelly, arduous work, but the missionaries are happy to do it and do it with energy.”

In a recent note to us, he added: “It was crazy to see how a large majority of people’s stuff had been destroyed because of the water. Years of these people’s lives were being thrown away. Things that were priceless and you can never get back had to go. Also, everyone on this street was going through the same process and had heaps of garbage on their front lawns. As this is a very emotional thing for them we tried to help and not make them feel overwhelmed. So we took it at their pace. It was also amazing to see all the people giving out water and food to those who are mucking out houses. It was amazing to see all the love that Houston has. There have been so many homes that I have entered into and each person has their own story. It truly amazes me how something like this storm can truly unite us and bring us all closer together.”
Carter shared that he is grateful for his time at Springs, and, when he returns from Houston, plans to earn a college degree in foreign relations or foreign business.



Dr. Kathleen Hermsmeyer


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