Homeschool Professional Development, SPREE Events

In Homeschool program news, Homeschool education specialist STAR teams recently came together for a monthly professional development program meeting to talk about best supports and practices through the MTSS process.


Led by Karen Arnett, these teams are “diving deep” to support students, shared Tammy Jackson, Senior Homeschool Director – Marketing Support. She continued, “We also enjoyed an interactive training with Kim Bagby, Director of Instructional Support, as we ‘dreamed big’ about Mastery Based Education!”

Ms. Jackson also shared, “Homeschool SPREE events have been a huge hit this year! Student and Parent Regional Educational Events are organized for our families to ‘dive deep’ and ‘dream big.’
This year’s parent in-services, she said, have been developed by Stephanie Grutzmacher and Jackie York. She continued, “If you haven’t attended a SPREE event yet, please keep an eye out for events coming up in Riverside and Temecula!”


Field trips, reported Kathy Crudo, are “rolling right along this year,” with a recent visit to the Maritime Museum of San Diego.


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