Student Artist of the Month: Autumn Sullivan

Autumn Sullivan is a 12th grade student at the Magnolia Student Center. She lives in Riverside. She loves art, and first developed an interest in it while in elementary school. 

tree-pencil-sketch autumn-sullivan

She was mentored by her mother and older sisters who were artists. She said, “Watching them fascinated me.  I began sketching, drawing, painting, doing pottery/ceramics and 3-D posters.”
She likes to “indulge” herself in all areas of art: “I love creating and learning new things. I love the adventure of art.” Equipment she uses includes an easel, paints (oils, pastels, water colors), sharpies, brushes of all sizes, pencils, pens, markers, paper, canvas and clay.

Autumn joined the Springs program as a 7th grade student in 2011. Her parents were not satisfied with her traditional public school education, and thought Springs “would provide me the individual attention I needed and curriculum suited for my abilities.” It was a good choice, she said: “Springs has done a world of good for me. It has helped me to discipline myself and focus in all areas of my studies.” Besides art, Autumn enjoys science and animals and hopes one day to become a veterinarian.

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