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A Venture Online Student

We are an online school, using online tools, to promote learning and support academic success.

Necessary tools for online Student Agreement signing:
Internet access, computer with camera & microphone, printer/scanner, gmail account for
Google hangout, both parent & student present.
Students best suited for Venture Online will possess the following attributes:
1. Good self discipline: Motivation to perform academic requirements in an
independent learning environment.
2. Resourcefulness: Ability to find quick solutions and overcome difficulties in a
timely manner.
3. Computer skills: Word processing, printing, scanning, emailing, initiating google
hangouts, powerpoint presentations, spreadsheets, especially at the high school
level. Basic computer skills are necessary for elementary grade students.
4. Communication: Willingness to reach out to teachers who make themselves
available via google hangout, email, text or phone.
5. Parental/Guardian support coach: Parents/Guardians who are active
participants in their child’s education and will promote consistent encouragement,
communication with teachers, and support Venture procedures. Parents/guardians
are responsible to login daily attendance.


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