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Why Flabob Middle School?

Mission/Vision: Our Classroom is the World

At Flabob Middle School Academy, our classroom is the world, and this particular world exists on a living, breathing airport, which allows students the unique opportunity to experience learning unlike any other. Although we use aviation and engineering as motivation for many of our learners, our school is much more than that. We believe that personalizing learning for our students is key, igniting each student’s passion for learning through a multi-faceted approach to teaching. We personalize our approach for each student by collaborating with them, their parents and mentors, and each other in order to successfully discover each student’s career passion and create life-long learners who are involved members of their community.

Personalized Learning

Each Flabob Middle School Academy student is valued as an individual. Teachers know each student both as a human being and as a learner. The learning environment is designed so that each student has time and space to pursue academic and personal learning goals through a variety of means. Authentic and real-world learning experiences are consistently prioritized over traditional textbook methods. Flabob Middle School Academy learners are empowered with knowledge of their preferred learning style, tools they can use to master a learning goal, and significant choice in the learning process.

Collaborating with their teacher, each student creates an individual learning path whereby s/he can attain measurable and achievable weekly and yearly goals (at least one year’s growth for students on or above grade level, 1.5 for students below grade level.)

It is vital that we personalize the learning for our students, ensuring that our educational philosophy is student-centered. By taking such an approach, we ensure that each individual child learns according to their unique learning style, which helps to maximize their potential. When the focus of learning is on each individual student’s interests and passions, they are empowered to learn. Being at an airport, affords us the unique opportunity of allowing students to gain an authentic learning environment unlike any other, making it truly personalized.

Goal Setting

At the beginning of the year, each student sets academic and personal goals for the year. We discuss these individual goals with the students regularly, guiding, supporting and modifying as needed for them to be successful at reaching these goals. Knowing there is no one path towards any goal, we help support our students along their learning journey to a positive conclusion.

Student Community

Our students at Flabob Middle School Academy grade have many interests. They partake in spirit days, play competitive sports against other schools, participate in school dances, collaborate on projects, and compete in science fair. However, our 8th grade students also have the opportunity to take classes on aviation from current and former pilots, ground school, robotics, engineering, rocketry, and medical office classes (which also can gain students college credits).

At the Flabob Middle School Academy, we do not simply have a classroom comprised of four walls, windows, and one or two doors. Our classroom is also the community and we place authentic learning as a high priority.

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