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Why La Fuente Dual Immersion?

Imagine a school where:

  • Every day opens with a song
  • Every week brings a new community visitor to your classroom
  • Diversity is truly embraced
  • Your teacher tells you to get up and dance instead of telling you to sit still
  • Art, music, cooking, and field trips are the basics of learning

Mission and Vision

Our mission at La Fuente is to teach our students and families the joy of learning and communicating in two languages, English and Spanish.  Our 50/50 Dual Immersion program makes language learning fast and easy. We connect students to the community by bringing in guests and by taking students out to see what’s happening in the neighborhood.   We believe that learning comes through all the senses and that true communication comes from the necessity of experience.  We believe in involving parents in every aspect of education, especially encouraging and helping parents to learn a second language themselves.

Defining elements of the program:

  • 50% Spanish – 50% English schedule every day
  • All staff members fluent in Spanish and English
  • English and Spanish Classes for parents every week
  • Grades TK–8
  • Full Day Kindergarten and Transitional Kindergarten
  • 27 students to a class
  • Every student will receive a Chrome Book to use for learning at school and at home
  • Independent study options make learning flexible and fun

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