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La Fuente Student Profiles

Kimberly is an English speaking 2nd grader with parents who love to learn and travel. They have always wanted to prepare their children to be able to relate in the modern world of international relations – especially living here in Southern California.  She started school in a traditional public school but she loves challenges and wants something more.  Since Kimberly likes to communicate, spending every other week learning in Spanish is exciting to her.  She has already learned the information in English the previous week so she has a great context for her new vocabulary in Spanish.  She enjoys showing off her learning to her parents, who are also learning Spanish and practicing at the “Platicas”, Spanish chat sessions at La Fuente held in the evenings.

Diego is a 1st grader who speaks Spanish at home.  He loves attending a school where his language is valued and encouraged.  His parents know that it is important to be involved in their son’s education and they love attending the English conversation sessions in the evenings and learning English along with their son.  Diego’s dad volunteers in the classroom during Spanish weeks and enjoys seeing how the educational system works in California.

Monica’s mother is from Argentina and her father is from the United States.  She is starting kindergarten and her Mom is worried that she will lose her Spanish without a program like La Fuente.  Since Monica’s dad doesn’t speak Spanish, she doesn’t hear it around the house very much and trips to Argentina are not frequent enough for Monica to stay comfortable with the language and communicate freely with her grandparents and other relatives there. Monica’s mom helps in the classroom every week and has frequent opportunities to share her cultural heritage with the students.


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