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Work Permit Policy

Students requesting a work permit may either download forms from the website or contact the Temecula office at 951-252-8833. Parents and students are expected to become familiar with federal and state laws and restrictions that apply to working minors. It is the responsibility of the student/parent to work with the Work Permit Coordinator at the Temecula office to insure that all forms and information are accurate and complete. Students must complete both portions of the work permit application found in the link below. Once the completed work permit packet has been received in the Temecula office, please allow 7-10 working days to process your work permit. To contact the Work Permit coordinator, call 951-252-8837. Please mail the completed work permit packet to:

Springs Charter School
Attention: Work Permit Coordinator
27740 Jefferson Ave, Suite 100
Temecula, 92590


Work Permit Application
Entertainment Permit Application


California Child Labor Laws

Work Permit Limitations

It is solely within the discretion of the school issuing the work permit to determine whether a minor may obtain a work permit and therefore be employed. The local school district has discretion to impose additional requirements for the issuance of a work permit. Springs students may request and maintain a Work Permit if the student is in good standing under the following conditions:

  • 2.0 GPA as determined by the prior semester grades
  • No truancy or excessive absences
  • Good citizenship
  • Making adequate progress toward graduation

Please remember, the student must re-apply for a new work permit yearly, and when changing employers.

Hours of Work

Springs students are expected to comply with the General Summary of Minors’ Work Regulations found on page 2 of the Statement of Intent to Employ Minor and Request for Work Permit. For purposes of clarification, all students at Springs are considered “in session” Monday through Friday, including Home Schooled and Independent Study Students. Springs students are limited to the daily maximum hours of work for their specific age group as outlined by state labor laws. While it is at the discretion of the school to determine whether a minor may obtain a work permit in order to be employed, it is the parent who is responsible to set appropriate boundaries for academic and work activities. While Springs supports a student’s desire to work, academic success is the primary goal for all students. It is recommended that students work no more 24 hours per week in order to allow for adequate focus on academic performance.

Work Permits as a Motivating Tool for Academic Achievement

California law allows schools to establish their own policies regarding work permits. Because all working students under the age of 18 in the state of California are required to obtain a work permit in order to hold a job, the Work Permit can be a motivating tool for student improving student achievement for high school students. Education specialists and site directors may place a student under probation warning when students fall below the school’s Work Permit Policy guidelines listed above. However, only the Director of Guidance may actually revoke a student’s Work Permit. The law requires that students are given a warning period and adequate time to remediate the policy violations established by the school. In addition, there must be provision in the revocation process for the student to appeal the decision of the Director of Guidance.

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