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High School Credits

Students in the 7th & 8th grades who want to work at the high school level should note the following:

  • Another school may not accept the units
  • Only A-G mathematics and A-G foreign language courses can be considered for high school credit
  • Parents must request for the courses to be added to the student’s high school transcript.

For example, 7th or 8th grade students may take A-G Algebra 1A & 1B, then A-G Geometry A & B, etc. to begin their high school math sequence.

A-G approved high school courses have specific course descriptions and curriculum requirements. Please contact the Guidance Department at 951-252-8833 to speak with a counselor about the A-G approved foreign language and math courses which are available to middle school students.

Placement Criteria for Math Courses: The following multiple measures should be considered when placing students in the middle school math sequence.

  • Scantron Math Assessment results
  • Other recommended math assessments from the Assessment Toolbox (as appropriate)
  • Current math course performance on homework, quizzes and test scores
  • Teacher observations and recommendations

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- C. Lang, Parent
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