Venture Students Travel the World to Promote Environmental Stewardship

Springs’ Venture Online offers students the flexibility to engage their passions. Brothers Matteo & Giovanni Peragine, who are in grades 5 and 7 with Venture, are doing their studies while working with their mother, Rebecca Lane, in the Yucatan.

capsule matteo-5th-giovanni-7th-peragine

Rebecca is the creator of the Global Guardian Project, a monthly e-magazine for homeschool families and globally minded parents to help teach families more about being good stewards of the Earth. The program is designed for homeschooling families and features a different country each month. Along with teaching geography and environmental stewardship, Global Guardian Learning Capsules use STEAM as a foundation to their curriculum and each issue includes science, technology, engineering, art, and math. The project includes video content, which features Matteo narrating and Giovanni assisting with research and editing. Some recent examples include: Protecting the Bengal Tiger, The Rainforest, Fair Trade, and Paso Pacifico Turtle Rescue

While in the Yucatan, the boys will have the opportunity to learn about local culture and history. Their real-world perspective will come by visiting cenotes (sinkholes) and permaculture farms, researching endangered sea life, visiting and researching the annual monarch butterfly migration to Mexico and traveling to Mayan ruins such as Chichen Itza, Palenque, and San Cristobal. After all of their research is completed, the family will create a capsule filled with amazing information for homeschooling families to discover. Here is a recent capsule created after their studies in India. While in Yucatan, Matteo and Giovanni will work as volunteers. Matteo will assist the founder of Isla caring for dogs, and Giovanni will work at a dive shop to help him develop his diving skills and expose him to local cultures and languages.
Rebecca is grateful for the opportunity Venture has provided her children. She said, “They can spend fewer hours in the classroom and devote more time to other activities.”
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