Springs Schoolwide Science Fair

Springs held its schoolwide science fair. The winners included:

Division 9-12:
1st – Kayla Tamayo-Flabob
2nd – Adrian Angulo-Magnolia SC
3rd – Britain Baxter-Flabob

science fair photo

Division 6-8:
1st – Brian Chu-Corona SC
2nd – Emma Sanchez-Corona SC
3rd – Abigail Hagman-Homeschool

Division 4-5:
1st – Sophia Checkos-Homeschool
2nd – Ande Westphal-Homeschool
3rd – Adin Milligan-Magnolia SC

In other schoolwide competitions, 34 Homeschool and academy program students participated in the district Spelling Bee. Winners included:

1st – Hannah Dela Cruz, grade 7, Homeschool. Hannah moved forward to the RCOE Spelling Bee Competition on February 22 and placed 2nd.
2nd  – Marc Moroz, grade 7, Temecula Student Center
3rd – Michael Rebia, grade 5, Orange County Student Center
3rd – Fiona Gulati, grade 5, Homeschool

Twenty-two students participated in the History Day district competition, entering a total of 19 projects. The following students moved on to the county competition:

Grade Division 9-12:
1st – Rafael Ibarra, Temecula Student Center
1st – Israel Coronado, Magnolia Student Center
3rd – Destiny Renfro, Scottlynn Addison and Jazmin Contreras, Hemet Student Center

Grade Division 6-8:
1st – Santiago Zuniga-Homeschool
2nd – Jared Bennett-Homeschool
3rd – Salem Feild-Magnolia SC

Grade Division 4-5:
1st – Dallin Bennett-Homeschool
2nd – Valerie Stewart-Magnolia SC
3rd – Peter Cozzitarto-Magnolia SC

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