KEYS Student Takes 2nd in Art Show

Ian Wickes, 17, an 11th-grade student with the KEYS program, took the 2nd place award for 2D Graphic in the 55th annual Press Enterprise Art Show at the Riverside Art Museum.

Ian Wickes

The art show highlighted 360 original works created by students at 32 public and private high schools, including works by Springs students.

Ian described his artwork, Turbo Heist, as an image that occurs “within a retro 80’s setting, taking place in a colorful city at twilight, as mercenaries are hunted down by agents in a high-speed turbulent chase. The structures themselves in this universe are very goofy and detailed. I tried my best to find the balance between heart racing action and a beautiful unique mood.”

Ian began drawing with pencil and paper at age 4 and moved on to computer graphics at age 10. He said, “Through mastering several different art programs, I pushed myself to do better each time. I eventually started to test more ideas and multi-task different programs for single portraits, and here I am today. I create my own art styles and nostalgic vibes (via Turbo Heist’s 80’s vibe).”

After he graduates from KEYS, he plans to go on to community college, and then transfer to a UC or USC. He explained, “I have visited USC’s Cinematic Arts Department and was really impressed. I’m still looking for my future school though, but what I would like to do is take my degree in 2D animation and work in either movies and/or video games.”

The KEYS program has been a good fit for him, he said, because it gives him the flexibility to both complete his homework and work on his art. He said, “It has worked really well for me because I get to do my work at home, at my own pace, and I still get the benefit of two on-site classes.”

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