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Vivian Price

Assistant Superintendent, Education

Katherine Pangle

Director of Education

Maureen Wilson

Director of Real World Programs

George Essel

Lead CTE Coordinator

Judy Adair

CITE Coordinator

Jared McLeod


Colette Bozek

Vice Principal

Sherrie Hodges

Vice Principal

Debbie Thurston

Director Academy Support

Chris Allen

CTE Teacher

Annette Butler

CTE Coordinator of Articulation, Field-trips, CTE Teacher

Angela Caceres

CTE Teacher

Tina Erickson

Academy Teacher/CTE Teacher

Derrick Essel

Robotics Coordinator

Mary Jo Huff

Work Experience Educator

Rosario Marquez

Work Experience Educator

Dax McGregor

Athletic Coordinator

No Photo

Clarissa Perdue

Admin Assistant

Sue Picone

Administrative Assistant

Maria Smith

CTE Teacher

Richard Thurston

CTE Teacher

Jenny Younker

CTE Teacher

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Attending Springs Charter Schools gives me an idea on what I want to be when I graduate, with the ability to be an individual.

- S. Alayvilla, Student
High School
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